Tea Meditation

Ceremonial Tea Meditation is a time where we come together to carve out space so we can better connect with nature through Tea. Utilizing the elements of fire, water and earth to carefully re-awaken the leaves Tea gently guides us into a meditative softening, opening our heart and mind to the vibrations around us. Through the space created we are able to reawaken our connection with the earth and listen to its silent sutras. Tea tells us a story that language cannot.   

By meditating with Tea, we allow the universe to guide our session. Each bowl we serve is a different experience than the last, Tea whispers to us, meeting us exactly where we are and giving us exactly what we need.

The Teas utilized for meditation are considered “Living Tea’s”. In other words, Teas that are grown in sustainable processes, either from organic plantations or from wild old growth trees that have existed for generations before we were born.



Traditional Tea Meditation – This ceremony can take place in almost any setting and 6-12 people can be served at a time. On average a ceremony will last between 1 to 2 hours depending on the number of guests and two Teas can be served during this time.

Cha Dao Introduction Workshop / Class - Cha Dao workshops can be arranged to suit your studio needs. Workshops serve anywhere between 6 and 12 people and can be held on their own, or scheduled after a yoga class of your choosing. At the beginning of the workshop we will discuss the basic Tea ceremony and meditation; during ceremony we observe silence as we drink our Tea. After ceremony the space is opened to discuss our experiences and dive deep into the practice of Cha Dao.

Open Tea Ceremony – Open Tea Ceremony can be a wonderful addition to your event. This open ceremony can allow guests of your event to come and go as they please, staying for just one bowl of Tea, or as long as they like. Unlimited number of guests can enjoy the wonderful benefits of Tea through this practice.

Festivals / Gatherings

Retreats / Festivals / Gatherings – Tea is a wonderful addition to any retreat or festival. Either through morning Tea Meditation, Workshops, Rolling Tea Sessions or a combination of those practices. Depending on the size of your gathering we can discuss arranging a second Tea Server. If you are interested in offering this to those in attendance please reach out to me @ saltsandtea@gmail.com so we can further discuss.