The Full Cold Moon

Wednesday December 14th

Full Cold Moon

This time of year we have the longest nights which give the moon more time above the horizon and temperatures drop. Earth and Nature rest and the woods quiet themselves. Native American Tribes often make reference to this lunar cycle as the “Cold Moon” or “The Long Nights Moon” as it falls close to the winter solstice. Those indigenous to the Great Plains often reference to this Lunar Cycle by saying “When Wolves Run Together”.  So just like the wolves, we use this season to gather, honoring the season with ceremonies and religious celebrations.

This year’s Cold Full Moon also happens to be the third and final Super Moon in 2016. The number three holds symbolism in many different cultures, usually referencing three major parts of the life cycle: Birth, Life and Death. The next time we experience a lunar cycle similar to this one will be in 70 years.

If it feels like you have been at war with yourself and the universe lately - you aren’t the only one. It was just the moon pulling your strings. Sometimes we forget to remind ourselves we are no different than the ocean. The human body is made up of 78% water, so when the moon compels the ocean to rise – you rise as well. For the final quarter of the year, we have all been at the mercy of the moon.